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I-Ching is a book that describe the change of nature like chaos theory today. This software try to make it easier to understand and study the thought of I-Ching. It is great encouragement if someone can get any inspire from it.User guide:速占:give a quick-fortune_telling
演卦:There are three items to choose for how to initialize the hexagram."由上次開始" choose last saved file,"隨機起卦" random hexagram,"自選一卦“ choose one hexagram.After initialize the first hexagram. Long press every line will show gua ci. Click every line will change the hexagram.占圖->show the hexagram change process on map.刪除->delete current page.找爻辭-> serach the keyword. After results show up with a dialog, click the gua in the dialog will add the gua to the 演卦.跳至->jump to specific page.之卦->add a Zhi Gua. This button will not function whitout choosing any old ying and yang.互卦->add a Hu Gua 綜卦->add a Zong Gua錯卦->add a Cuo Gua離開-> save process this time or just leave.
繫辭、說卦、序卦和雜卦:The Wings of Confucius, we can practice repeatedly to understand more deep spirit of I Ching.